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FR Wires

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Kenter Fire retardant (FR) building wires are your safeguard against fire.

Kenter FR building wires manufactured as per internationally accepted specifications inspire confidence in all segments of users across the globe. Use KENTER FR building wires for your peace of mind.  Suitable for wiring in all types of residential and commercial infrastructure, where fire and electrical safety is utmost important.

Insulation : Specially formulated flame retardant PVC insulation is used. The FR property retards the propagation of flame without compromising safety.

General Construction

FR PVC insulation has better fire retardant properties than normal PVC. This FR PVC compound has a high oxygen and temperature index. The wires are wadded with a flame retardant (FR) PVC compound, which helps to control the spread of fire even at very high temperature. It also protects against electrical shock and short circuit.


For installations in non-hazardous industries and open conditions–Cables with improved oxygen index are used.


Multistrand flexible, upto 1100V

Grade PVC cables as per IS: 694


Single core 1.0 – 630 sq.mm

Additional Properties



Specified Value

Critical Oxygen Index

ASTM-D 2863

Minimum Oxygen Index  29%

Temperature Index

ASTM-D 2863 & BICC Handbook Chapter No. 6

Minimum Temperature Index 250° C

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