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PVC/XLPE Control Cables

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Control Cables are multi-core copper armoured/unarmoured cables used for the transmission of control signals from one equipment to other. Control Cables are used to carry signals of low power strength for automated processes. The wide range of Control Cables, Unarmoured Cables and Flexible Control Cables offered by us is used for electrical distribution system such as generating stations, sub-stations, industrial applications, indoor outdoor projects.

General Construction

LT PVC / XLPE CONTROL Cables consist of 5 Major components: Conductor, Insulation, Bedding, Armouring and Outer Sheath. Cables are manufactured as per IS 1554 P-1 / IS-7098 Part-1 and can be manufactured to meet the requirements of any of international standards.


These control cables are mainly used in machinery, machine tools and appliances, measuring, control, heating and air conditioning technologies for permanent connections in cable chains, etc. Our high-quality control cables are suitable for installation and use in cable trays, conduits, cable ducts, and can also be used in underground buries and raceways. They are also suitable for outdoor locations such as power and switching stations and relays, industrial plants, local distribution systems, construction, manufacturing, commercial buildings, steel plants, various types of refineries, cement plants, chemical plants power plants, and other similar locations. They can also be used for signaling networks of railways, metros, subways, and the like.


– Annealed electrolytic copper

– Conductor, PVC/XLPE insulated,

– PVC sheathed 650/1100V

– Grade asper IS: 1554-I & IS: 7098-I


1.5/2.5 sq. mm up to 61 crore

4 & 6 Sq. mm up to 4 crore


Conductor : Solid/Stranded, Plain/Tinned

Insulation : PVC/HR PVC/XLPE

Innerhealth : PVC/HR PVC/FRLS/Zero Halogen

Unarmoured / Armoured : G.S. Round Wire / Flat Strip

Outerhealth : PVC/HR PVC/FRLS/ Zero Halogen

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