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Fire Survival Cables

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These cables are designed to sustain high temperatures for a defined minimum period of time under direct fire. The SAFE alternative Stranded Copper conductor lapped with Glass mica tape, coated with specially formulated Zero Halogen compound designed to maintain circuit integrity for 3 hours at 950° C for vital safety & rescue operations.

General Construction

1) As per specifications

2) Annealed Plain Copper Conductor

3) Heat barrier over the conductor

4) Fire Resistant Cross-linked polyethylene

5) Galvanised steel armour

6) Zero halogen & low smoke compound


Places Inhabited by people with limited mobility:Care & Foster Homes, Hospitals & clinics, Retirement Homes.

Places with an unfamiliar building’s layout: Shopping Malls, Public Buildings, Metros, Airport Terminals, Cinemas & Theatres.

Places which are regularly densely populated: Hotels, Offices, Schools & Universities, Residential Compounds.

Small Commercial Complex, Multiplex Theatres, Hotels, Hospitals, Airports, Seaports, Power Plant, Oil. Refinery, On & Off shore Installations – their protection and safe evacuation of occupants in case of fire is the main concern

Technical Advantages & Features

1) Circuit Integrity even under fire at high temperature

2) Enhanced Current-Carrying Capacity due to high permissible conductor temperature

3) Higher Short Circuit Current-Carrying capacity

4) Lighter in weight hence easy to handle and installation

5) Resistance to Overheating

6) High Oxygen Index – refrains the cable from spreading the fire

7) Low smoke density reduces the environmental opaqueness during the fire

8) High degree of light transmission in the event of a fire

9) No chance of emission of Halogen Gases – safe for humans

10) Negligible emission of Toxic and Corrosive gases – diminishing the chance to damage the human body/sensitive equipment.

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